Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Article on regarding the copy of forgiven

"The second update that cannot wait for the next week is about Vidyasagar and one of his programming assistants, Stephen Devassy. I've got to be honest here - I wouldn't have discovered Stephen's awesome album, 'Romanz A' if not for this lift - or whichever way we choose to call it. This was first pointed out by ItwoFS regular, Vimal Vijayan - the song from Vidyasagar's recent, 'Raaman Thediya Seethai', Ippave ippave, has a lovely piano prelude that seems to be used as-is from the track, Forgiven, in Romanz A. Devassy's album has been in the market for over an year and there are murmurs that Devassy was not involved in the making of this particular song, even though he collaborates with Vidyasagar quite often and is even credited in the CDs. So, this one is in Vidyasagar's court - even though the tune is his own (with Ilayaraja's shades, but quite beautiful). Thankfully, this gives me an opportunity to introduce Devassy's album to ItwoFS readers who may not have known about it at all."

Source : (chk out this site to listen to both the songs.)
Not just the prelude..........Even the 2nd interlude has been simply lifted n used there